As salam alaikum,

With the upcoming federal elections only days away, it is imperative that the Muslim communities in Canada and in Milton are well-informed of the issues, platforms and outlook behind each candidate and their political party.  

To this end, the Muslim Advisory Council of Canada is hosting a virtual conversation with local candidates from the Milton riding, on Thursday September 16th, at 8:30 p.m. You are invited to this session and can attend by clicking HERE.

While the national political leaders and their individual campaigns are undoubtedly important, the local candidates vying to be the next representative in Ottawa for your community should not be overlooked. This is your chance to ask them the tough questions directly, hear what they have to say, and help ensure you are as informed as possible as you head to the polls on September 20th – or earlier. 

This free-flowing and interactive conversation has confirmed attendance from the following candidates: 

Adam van Koeverden – Liberal
Muhammad Riaz Sahi – NDP
Chris Kowalchuk – Greens

 We would be thrilled to have the Conservative candidate Nadeem Akbar accept our invite and welcome him to join us in this important discussion.

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