National Action Plan To End Gender-Based Violence (GBV)

The Muslim Advisory Council of Canada is pleased to be participating in YWCA Canada’s National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence community engagement initiative. Our goal is to ensure that the diverse Canadian Muslim population has their voice heard while adding valuable insight and perspective in shaping our policy recommendations to the Government of Canada.

This project aligns with our mission of empowering the Canadian Muslim diaspora and advocating for an equitable society through the intersectional lens of the diverse Canadian Muslim population.

Gender-based violence can be defined as violence committed against someone based on their gender or gender identity and it is one of the most pervasive forms of human rights violations.

All communities are affected by gender-based violence, including the Canadian Muslim community. However, due to some data gaps such as lack of collection of disaggregated data (ex. race, ethnicity, woman and girls with disabilities, migrant woman and limited research on GBV during a pandemic, lack of documentation of prevention best practices during times of crisis such as a pandemic etc) the extent to which gender-based violence in racialized communities occursis unknown.

Data indicates that gender-based violence disproportionately affects marginalized communities as a result of structural discrimination, gender norms, ableism, biphobia, homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, and xenophobia. While we know the gender-based violence is occurring at alarming rates across the country, in order to address the problem, we first need to understand that gaps that exist.

This is our why of taking part in this very important project. We recognize the gaps that exist in society and particularly, the Canadian Muslim community and we wish to be part of the solution in ending gender-based violence. Through our community consultations  and survey, we hope to gain valuable insight and perspective from survivors of GBV, community organizations working to ensure services needs of the community are being met and more.

What is Gender Based Violence?

Gender-Based Violence Statistics

Forms of Gender Based Violence

Gender-based violence can take many forms including cyber, physical, sexual, societal, psychological, emotional, and economic. Neglect, discrimination, and harassment can also be forms of GBV.

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We Engaged the Community

Virtual Roundtable Discussions

Online Survey

Take part in our survey to have your voice heard in the National Action Plan to End Gender- Based Violence. Complete survey By February 27, 2021 to be entered into a draw of four (4) $50 VISA gift cards. Open to Canadian Citizens only!


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