Report: Islamophobia Policy Recommendations

Report: Islamophobia Policy Recommendations

On Sunday June 6th 2021, the Afzaal family was brutally killed in an act of violent terrorism. A fifteen year old girl, a seventy four year old woman, a forty six year old man, and a forty four year old woman, were deliberately targeted in London, Ontario, out of hatred and Islamophobia. Although undoubtedly heart-wrenching, this act is not alone, and is one of many that have consistently targeted Muslims throughout Canada for their faith, ethnicity and religious beliefs. 

As aforementioned, this attack was not an outlier in the treatment of Muslims across Canada, however it was in some ways, a final straw that sparked anger and fear across the nation. Incidents continue to rise in numbers, and the safety of our community is no longer guaranteed. In all parts of Canada, Islamophobia has intensified within a condensed amount of time, and our community is tired of simply pushing aside each attack and labelling it as an unfortunate incident. It is for these reasons that the Muslim Advisory Council is reinforcing the call for immediate change. We consulted with national Muslim leaders and they provided their insight and perspectives in regards to Islamophobia and action items required to combat hate. These insights have helped to shape our policy recommendations. This report will explain our recommendations and the importance of implementing them. The Muslim Advisory Council of Canada believes that the true test of the governments commitment to its citizens will be demonstrated through the discussion, implementation and actions taken from the policy recommendations from this report and those put forth by other organizations.

The Muslim Advisory of Canada stands in solidarity with Muslims all over Canada as a beacon and a support system for all those affected within the community. We understand the fear that has spread throughout our neighbourhoods and we hope to incite the change that will provide permanent safety and comfort to the Muslim community.

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