Ramadan Toolkit

Ramadan Toolkit

Ramadan Toolkit: Everything You Need to Know about Ramadan

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Ever wonder what Ramadan ACTUALLY is? You’ve heard about Ramadan in passing from your friends or colleagues (or you’re a new Muslim!) and have lots of questions about Ramadan but not sure where to go to find answers. Well, we’ve got you covered! Introducing our Ramadan Toolkit: A Simplified Guide to Understanding Ramadan!

With this toolkit you’ll learn:
-What Ramadan is
-The Significance of Ramadan to Muslims
-How Muslims begin and break their fast during Ramadan
-& Ways to Support the Canadian Muslim community during Ramadan

This toolkit is ideal for:
-Individuals wanting to learn more about the Muslim faith and/or Ramadan
-Individuals, organizations & communities needing a refresher on what Ramadan is
-Organizations who have Muslim employees
-Organizations who work with different faith groups
-Communities fostering interfaith dialogue
-Individuals, Organizations & Communities championing diversity as Canada’s strength


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